Enterprise Information Governance

a.k.a.® software provides all of the tools you need to build a coordinated information governance framework.

a.k.a.® enables holistic management and standardization of terminology and metadata across the Enterprise.

With a.k.a.® you can build taxonomies, thesauri, ontologies, synonym rings, glossaries, metadata models, retention schedules, legislation registers, data maps, information asset registers, records inventories, and many more control structures.

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a.k.a.® is designed for the rapidly changing organizations of today – and tomorrow.

Digitization is changing information management needs. Mergers, acquisitions and restructures result in new terminology, systems and processes that must be rapidly assimilated.

a.k.a.® has the agility to evolve in time and in tune with your information environment.

With its innovative configuration tools, a.k.a.® enables you to extend your data model in any direction.

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System Independent

a.k.a.® deploys into multiple information systems, yet keeps your information governance framework system independent.

With a variety of formats available, a.k.a.® exchanges schemes and metadata with virtually every information system

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Easy to Use

a.k.a.® is built with users in mind

a.k.a.® enables non-technical users to develop complex structures for information systems without specialist IT support.

a.k.a.® does your heavy lifting

We have built wizards, scripts and templates to simplify onerous tasks such as mapping, transforming and exchanging data between systems.

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In a.k.a.® current and legacy data can co-exist so you can manage your information governance framework across its lifespan.

Legacy elements, entities and schema can be mapped to current counterparts through relationships.

Future components can be incorporated in the same fashion, meaning a.k.a.® is there for the long haul.

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a.k.a.® is used by more than 400 organizations worldwide.

With its unparalleled versatility, a.k.a.® is delivering clients an exhaustive range of information governance solutions.


a.k.a.® is supported by a team of experienced information governance professionals.

Our mission is to simplify the complexity of managing records and information.


a.k.a.® keeps everyone on the same page.

a.k.a.® features completely customizable controlled metadata, ensuring consistency and accuracy – the building blocks for enterprise architecture.

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Build your knowledge about information governance best practice.

Our Resources page delivers a wealth of resources.


Find out more about how easy it is to build taxonomies and other governance tools using a.k.a.® software

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We research, develop and foster  information governance best practice.

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